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Simple Steps That Will Help You Get Organized

June 22, 2024
Simple Steps That Will Help You Get Organized

Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed? Would you like everything in your home to have a designated space? Wouldn’t you love to walk in your home and feel total calm and tranquility?

If you answered yes to these questions, you will benefit greatly by having your home professionally organized.

Before you go hire a professional organizer, there are a few things you can do on your own.

Let’s begin by diving into the process of organizing. First, you must prepare your mind to release what is holding you hostage mentally, physically, and emotionally. Are you ready to be free? Now that you are ready for freedom

What is your end goal? Is it to have an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming space where you can relax and recharge? Or is the end result to save time in your daily routine? Or is it to save money by not duplicate buying because you are not sure what all you have? Having your vision clearly defined, helps you to stay focused and ultimately attain your desired results. 

Okayyy, you are probably thinking, this has nothing to do with organizing. Yet, it does…

Next, let’s get on to decluttering, keeping fixed in your mind the end goal. Start letting go of things you have not seen in over 2 years. Do you want to donate, sell, or just feel the relief of letting it go?

Now, what is left, put in families or categories in order to create a home for them. It is so exciting and freeing to see areas in your home clear of clutter. (Don’t forget to clean those shelves.)

Following this step, think about your daily routine. What do you use the most? Those items need to be easily accessible. You may need organizing products to contain your families of items. If so, slip them into a container or bin, label it, and place it into that nice clean and clear spot.

Repeat until everything has a home. Do not give up. Take breaks. Reward yourself when you are done. But please don’t go buy anything else.

If you need help, call a professional organizer. They will be happy to help you and so will I.

Stay Calm,

Venus Davis