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Meet Venus

What can I say? I am originally from the south. However, I have lived abroad and experienced many cultures.

My love for organizing and decorating comes from my mother. Her home is ALWAYS immaculate in every way. She also has a unique taste for the finer things in life. The expression, "I get it from my Momma", that is true in my case.

I am married and we have 4 beautiful children. You can imagine how important it is for us to have spaces where we can unwind and recharge. I realized early in parenting, children thrive where there is structure and organization. (So do we!)

How Calming Home By Venus was born? I love helping people, and I have been told that I am a problem solver. With over 4 decades of experience organizing and decorating for those I love, I decided to spread the love to others. After assisting many families, I have discovered how LIFE CHANGING this process truly is. The mental clarity, relief, and joy experienced by each family never gets old. The appropriate term for our projects is an "Experience".

You can find me educating the general public on organizing and styling techniques on local news stations: WJBF News Channel 6 and the Morning Mix-WRDW News Channel 12. I have been featured on Yahoo News, MSN, and Haystack News.

The Calming Home By Venus experience alleviates overwhelm and stress. The cycle of disorder is broken with our customized solutions plans. The implemented systems are easy to manage and maintain.

My vision is to transform lives by combining the art of organizing and styling to promote a strong sense of well being and mental clarity with my aesthetic, customized solutions.

I invite you to create your own "Experience" with Calming Home By Venus-Where Luxury Meets the Imagination and Self Care Equals Organization.

WJBF News Channel 6

Watch Venus featured on WJBF News Channel 6 discussing details of an organizing Experience.

Watch: Brantley Cove

Transitional Kitchen: White dishes atop rattan chargers coupled with bronze flatware. Greenery, marble, and wood pieces add the finishing touches for this lovely kitchen.


★★★★★ Brandi F.

One of the most AMAZING experiences of becoming a homeowner was working with Calming Home by Venus! She came in and created a reality I never thought was possible. Truly, I was overwhelmed when Venus transformed my cluttered laundry room into a workable cute space. She completely turned it around and even made it friendly for the kids. Venus also styled and organized my dining room as we prepared for a big family gathering. During the pandemic it morphed into a Learn From Home messy table full of papers, etc. But Venus was very intentional about making it a stylish organized room for our family to enjoy. I was moved to tears during the reveal because it was just that beautiful. She was very considerate of our wants and gentle about helping us do away with unnecessary clutter. Please call her for all your in-home style and design needs!

★★★★★ Courtney G.

Working with Venus has been a pleasure!!! I have been in my home for two years and was having trouble deciding on a decor style. She's taken things I already have and has found different ways to style them that are a better fit. She takes the time to learn who you are and creates boards that bring your visions to life. As we move through my home, I cant wait to see how it all comes together

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